Vegan Meats

Vegan Meats

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Chef Tanya has bee making fresh seitan (say-tahn) from scratch since her college days in the 80’s, now that’s lots of practice! It was also one of the foods that she realized would give more options to vegetarian dining choices and would allow people to be more receptive to trying a vegetarian diet, as the meaty texture satisfies the urge for something chewy to replace animals. It was the impetus to start the first national plant-based chain of eateries!

Seitan has been around for thousands of years. History shows its use in the Near East and Asia as a specialty food, as extracting the protein from wheat to get that special texture and sustenance is lengthy.

Chef Tanya has worked with her seitan recipes to create foods for the Western palate and now is providing mail order services for Americans to enjoy in their home kitchens. Forget the brides, mail order seitan!

Chef Tanya wants to make eating vegan delicious, easy and of course, fun…enjoy!